also called zx0ma  zxxma z__ma


zôÖma was born in 1988 in the southern suburbs of Paris.

At the age of 11, he gradually discovered the family computer and began to explore the internet.As a teenager, he became addicted to various practices that would later make up what he is today: 

- UX/UI design, which he learns at the age of 15 on DreamWeaver by befriending his technology teacher.

Then quickly, he likes to chill on IRC and meet Internet communities to discuss the future, politics, arts, and technologies.
- Graffiti, in the streets, on trains, which he particularly likes as soon as a sentence is added to the graffiti artist's name. He particularly likes to write sentences with very strong impact, without signing his name, and even practices writing poetry in a vandalized way.


Later, at the age of 23, he became artistic director for an independent label. Having a role of Swiss Army knife, he struggles to create and nurture the worlds of musicians.

In parallel to his professional life as artistic director, he continues to impose a "daily trash routine", a kind of ritual that obliges him like a promise to himself, to produce one drawing a day, whatever the theme.  

So, during these different routines, zôÖma explores all forms of digital and plastic arts using all kinds of tools.
In 2015, he discovers Bitcoin and feel he it as a mind blowing tsunami for a new era.
Mixing poetic writing, abstract arts, digital arts and vandal graffiti, he started to work on the notion of cyberlandscape, and decentralized encounters.

The main idea was to create portraits of Bitcoiners & crypto community, with an anonymous way to represent their personality.
Exploring the Deepweeb, he also explore new representations of underground crypto culture, and tries to feel new way to paint with symbols, pixels, dev & cryptographic references, with his own passion for decentralized culture. 


“Now that we've been around the world 1,000 times, I tell myself that only on the internet will I be able to make great discoveries."



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"I am working on the notion of network.
I roam the internet like one travels through a country, and I like to go to places that are not recommended.

My idea is simple: to travel, like a journey, a landscape of the eye during a train trip.
Then, I like the idea of recycling these images.

Sometimes, I start from a simple screenshot of a subject, an application interface, or even a curve on a graph, to make a work unrecognizable and whose universe has nothing to do with it anymore.
Only I know that what you're looking at is the line of code of a computer attack injection, or the transaction corresponding to a purchase on the darknet.


What interests me also, finally, is the notion of "online presence". I defend anonymity, and I believe in a vision of the internet as a truly free tool, independent of governments and large private groups.  

This is why I have never yet exposed my work dealing with the internet on the internet... Because I am still looking for the methodology that will be the most adapted to my work, since I will never advertise myself. People who want to be known sucks."

zooma - cubikpixel artwork.png

My work seeks to raise different questions: 
What form does graffiti take in a digital world? How do you put a big flop with Fat cap on a website?

How would human encounters take place, if the ideology of a decentralized web was fully realized? I'm very interested in the role of the avatar, and the digital portrait that preserves anonymity.
I think there's a lot to explore.
Besides, if you want me to do your digital trash portrait, contact me on Telegram https://t.me/zx0ma

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